Acushnet Company is steadfastly focused on one mission and purpose: to steward and perpetuate two of the game's most revered and iconic golf brands, Titleist and FootJoy. 

The Titleist golf ball embodies product performance and quality excellence and is the unequivocal #1 ball in golf, as it has been for more than 66 years and counting. 

Titleist golf clubs have also earned broad acceptance with tour professionals, club professionals and competitive amateurs worldwide through an unwavering commitment to performance, quality excellence and fitting. 

Superior performance and quality, product innovation, technological advancements and performance validation at every level of the game result in the global recognition of Titleist as Golf's Symbol of Excellence. 

FootJoy, a longstanding leader in the golf shoe product category, delivers superior fit, comfort, stability and performance. FootJoy is the choice of more players on the worldwide professional tours and is the undisputed #1 shoe in golf. 

FootJoy is also the #1 glove in golf, excelling in the adjacent golf gloves category, as well as the fast-growing performance outerwear and apparel segments.