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Want to work for companies like Salomon, Columbia, Millet or Patagonia? Achieve your career ambitions with the MSc in Sports Industry Management!

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This is a 16-month programme, which will help you:

Develop a broad general view of the dynamics in the international sports and outdoor market and,
acquire the specialist management skills and techniques that are necessary for success in this highly coveted and competitive industry.
Starting their studies in Paris, students will acquire the fundamentals of management in a global environment and benefit from industry-specific courses all the while learning and applying emlyon business school’s innovative and entrepreneurial early maker pedagogy. To deepen their knowledge, expertise and help them manage the specifics of the sports industry, they will also benefit from field trips to London (UK), Munich (Germany) and the French Alps throughout the first few months of the programme.

After their time in Europe, they will move on to emlyon business school’s Shanghai campus, for the “Asian Business Environment” module In a 16-month (minimum) period, students will study management as it relates specifically to the sports business, and share the classroom with students from all over the world. Starting their studies in Paris, they will first acquire the fundamentals of management in a global environment. Consecutively, specialist courses will help them manage the specifics of the sports industry. After their time in the Alps, where students will have the opportunity to visit companies, meet and hear from experts, and gain a special outlook on the outdoor industry, students will move on to emlyon business school's Asian Campus in Shanghai, for the “Asian Businewhere students receive first-hand perspectives on the challenges and opportunities Sports Companies face in Asia, a flourishing key player of the Global Sports Industry.

Combining academic knowledge with practical, real-life business challenges are key to the future success of the students. If you want to develop all it takes to start a successful career in the international sports industry and work for top international brands like Columbia, Patagonia or Millet, then this is the right programme for you!